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Quantifiable Results

We help you measure what matters most! Content writing and creative work is only the first step in building a positive return on your marketing dollars. Our team will guide you with industry best practices to ensure your campaigns are delivering results!

Web Development

A great landing page is essential to maximizing your online campaign's ROI. Whether you sell online or have a small online resume, Let our design staff aid you in determining the best layout for your specific needs.


So you have awesome designs, It's time for the world to see it! Get laser focused with industry specific keywords that drive traffic to your website while minimizing your costs.


We have photography, aerial imaging, video production, copy writing, and design among other assets in our creative arsenal!

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Social Media

A great landing page is essential to maximizing your online campaign's ROI. Whether you sell online or have a small online resume, Let our design staff aid you in determining the best layout for your specific needs.

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PPC Campaigns

Let us help you optimize your pay-per-click campaigns. Get laser focused with industry specific keywords that will drive traffic to your website while minimizing your costs.

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The BAC Marketing Approach

1. We Identify Your Business Goals and Objectives

We can help you drill down to what aspect of your business you want to improve.

For example, Do you want more people to purchase in-store for a particular product between 12:00 noon and 5:00 pm or are you targeting online sales conversions for a specific product line? Once we can set clear cut goals, it becomes easier to understand what needs to be measured.

2. We Conduct An Internal Marketing Audit

Our audit isn’t the scary kind! A marketing audit enables us to understand your business ins and outs as well as what advertising (if any) you have been doing up until this point. The BAC Marketing audit consists of a brief interview to gather general business info as well as a quick market analysis of your products, services, and area competition in your area.

We use Google proprietary tools such as Keyword planner to get a feel for your internet market competition and market size volumes.

3. We Set And Implement A Clear Strategy To Accomplish Your Objectives

Not all of our clients are using the same marketing channels because one channel could be lucrative for one particular client and a money waster for another. Our strategies specifically outline the best marketing channel, creative message, demographic / geographic area, will be most effective for your business which we derive from actual data about your customers.

4. We Track Your Results For A Positive ROI

An advertising campaign is typically defined by deciding what creative to display to a market channel, but consistent marketing practices are what drives ROI. At BAC Marketing, we have several methods to be sure your creative is delivering quantifiable results. We offer call tracking and recording, website click tracking, and other key performance indicators and backend database tools.

Get To Know Some Of Our Clients

BAC logo partners washington park zoo, valpo U, Blue point, American Rolling Club, Sullivan Palatek, MCR Partners LLC, WJOB Radio, Mc Gonigles Market
BAC Marketing logo partners Chocolate cafe, refresh, 7 engines, audio electronics, ampp great lakes, one region, maple city roasters, village realty

Our Testimonials


Janelle Elwood

Chamber Of Commerce Headshots

They did a FANTASTIC job, start to finish. They are very active with the local Chamber of Commerce, and do anything that enables them to get involved in the community. 100% recommend BAC for any marketing needs!

Chuck Green & LWAC Staff

Acting 3rd Party Marketing Department

I've worked with BAC for years and I couldn't be happier with the results that I have received. They came into our business and took time to understand our needs. They then made suggestions with data and analytics to back it up.

Rocky Gray

E-Commerce Website Design

They built an awesome site that helped us conduct our fundraising online! They are very responsive and down to earth people!

Chrissy Ennis

Franchise Website Design & Social Strategy

Our corporate franchise was pleased with the way they were able to match our color schemes and layouts at my Michigan City location.

hatchet handle stuck in target

Michael D.

Design & Videography

They always do an awesome job! Our video got 50K views and is still climbing!

Jack Brown
Owner/Founder / JVB Holdings

Acting 3rd Party Marketing Department

Very responsive folks that do great work. I can call them anytime to make changes to our campaigns or if I have any new ideas to bounce off of them.

Richard W.

Social Media Mgmt & Event Marketing

They help us plan our events and really go the extra mile for the zoo. I'm happy to work with them on projects!

Chef Eddie Luick
Owner, Executive Chef / Blue Point Seafood

Social Media & Product Pricing Strategy

They set us up for success helping us cost our food inventory as well as put controls in place for us to maximize our revenues. We also send them specials almost everyday for social media and they rarely miss a post.

Jeff Biesen

SEO Ranking

They are great with keyword research and keep my site at the top of the search results!

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