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    Crown Point, Indiana Web Design

    A website is essential for any business wanting to compete seriously online in Crown Point, Indiana. The web allows people around the world to find out all about you and your products or services. A good website lets them do that. It's also a shop window, so it needs to be attractive, informative and easy-to-use. That means using great design, compelling content and well-chosen images. It also has to be up there on Google searches, which means giving some thought to SEO (search engine optimization). Great websites want to help their visitors, not just sell to them. So they use words like 'how' and 'tips', rather than 'buy now'. They answer questions or solve problems before the visitor asks.



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    People who live in Crown Point, Indiana are used to high standards of service, especially when it comes to web design. But we don't stop at building you an amazing looking site, we give you the tools to update it yourself – without having to learn HTML code. You can add new pages, upload pictures or video, write blogs or edit text, even change the whole layout if you fancy. Or if you prefer, we can take care of the management for you so you can focus on what matters most, your business.


    Developing Clean Websites Win More Business For Your Crown Point, Indiana Location

    Great websites need to look great because that's what attracts visitors. We make sure every one of our sites is designed with the user experience in mind. This means focusing on clean lines and minimalist aesthetic. Your website should look as good on a big screen monitor as it does on a phone or tablet.


    Websites have to work fast too. Crown Point, Indiana users expect websites to load within two seconds and have no patience for slow loading times. That's why we build all of our sites to be super-fast and responsive, so they scale to whatever device they're being viewed on.

    Your website is useless unless your customers can see it. 


    How important is SEO?

    No matter if you are in Crown Point or anywhere else for that matter, keywords are an important aspect of on-page SEO. SEO is just as important as the web design itself. Our experts know how to get your site ranked highly on Google search results. We'll make sure your site ranks higher than your competitors.


    Keyword Research Helps Google Understand Your Information

    We research relevant keywords and incorporate them into the copy on your website. This helps to improve your organic search ranking, making your website easier to find for potential customers. 


    Here is how they work:

    When a customer searches for a keyword, the search engine looks through hundreds of millions of websites to find the best match. The algorithm then puts together a list of these websites and displays the top results in order of relevance.


    Once your website appears on the first page, it will continue to appear in the search results until it's eventually replaced by another website.


    Incorporating keywords into your website content makes it easier for potential customers to find your business online. It can also help to improve your organic search rankings.

    You might think that there is no point in using keywords if you're not advertising on Google Ads. While this is true, keywords still play an important role in determining how valuable a website is. Search engines use keywords to determine which websites are the most relevant for certain searches.


    Metadata Can Help Your Site Get Found in the NWI Region!

    This means that it's important to include your keywords in your website's title, meta description and headings. Doing so can increase your click-through rate, helping you to gain more traffic from search results. A meta description is the text that shows in the search results when someone clicks on your website link. The heading tags are used to emphasize different sections of your content, such as subheadings and paragraphs.


    Mobile-friendly Website Design Is A Must! 

    Mobile-friendly design is crucial for modern businesses. People spend less time on desktop computers and more time browsing on their phones and tablets. Our mobile-responsive web designs are optimized for all devices, including desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones.


    Why are location pages important to your website ranking?

    Google uses location data to rank local businesses. Having multiple locations adds value to your business and allows you to rank more prominently in search results.

    By having multiple locations, you can add more content to each individual page and improve its performance. You can even create a separate page for each location, giving you the opportunity to target more keywords. This increases the visibility of your brand.


    E-commerce sites are the fastest way to start selling online.

    Running a successful eCommerce store requires a significant investment in both time and money. We design and develop customized eCommerce stores that are tailored specifically to your business' needs. These sites are faster, better looking and more secure than off-the-shelf solutions. They also integrate seamlessly with your existing systems, allowing you to manage inventory, payments and shipping. We make sure that every aspect of your eCommerce site is taken care of. From product photography to payment security, we've got you covered.


    Crown Point Indiana 

    Crown Point is a great place to start a business online and off! The population of Crown Point, Indiana was 33,899 during the 2020 census. A lot of people are moving in from out-of-state due to the low cost of living as well as its amazing location between Chicago and Indianapolis. The city is literally in the middle of booming industry and lucrative opportunities. There's plenty of room for growth, so if you're looking to start your own business or relocate, this is an awesome place to do it!

    Crown Point is home to John Dillinger, who robbed banks all across the Midwest before being gunned down by FBI agents in 1934. He was shot dead on his front porch while attempting to escape.

    There is a museum dedicated to him in town that has several interactive exhibits about his life. The public can also take guided tours of the house he lived in with his wife and kids until they were killed. It's also where he escaped after being apprehended by police. If you visit, be sure to check out the gravesite located nearby! Learn more about Crown Point Indiana via Wiki!


    Web Design FAQs


    Why should you avoid template builders like Wix and Squarespace?

    templates are a quick fix for people who don't understand the importance of proper web development. While it may seem like a good idea to save money by going with a cheaper option, it could cost you more in the long run. Websites built with templates often suffer from a lack of customization options. If you ever decide to expand your business, you might find that you're unable to adapt your website to suit your changing needs.


    Do you offer domain names or will I need to register my own name?

    Crown Point, Indiana businesses already have a lot on their plates. We want to take away the hassle of registering domains or setting up email accounts. That's why we include hosting and a free .com domain name as part of every package.


    How quickly can you get our website up and running?

    If you already have a website, it takes approximately 2 to 3 weeks to complete a basic site.  However, we realize that not everyone has a website yet. We can set something up for you in a matter of days.


    What kind of training do you provide after the website launch?

    We pride ourselves on our friendly customer support and ongoing technical assistance. We're here to help you with any issues that arise.

    Why Us? Reasons to Choose a BAC Website

    We have been creating websites in Crown Point and Northwest Indiana Since 2010!

    Search engine optimization is an absolute must! Every website we build comes with an online market strategy to put you at the top of search rankings and ahead of your competition.  

    We believe that any firm is only as good as their team. We use 100% USA based web designers, coders, content writers, and project managers, most are even local to Northwest Indiana!

    Every project comes with a customized project management timeline so you can be sure your website is designed as quickly and efficiently as possible. 

    Our sites integrate with Quickbooks and most CRM database systems. 


    We Take Time To Understand Your Customers!

    We can guide you to properly segment them in new ways to drive more sales!

    EVERY Website Comes With

    A Unique SEO Market Strategy To Drive Sales!

    What Our Clients Are Saying...


    Janelle Elwood

    Chamber Of Commerce Headshots

    They did a FANTASTIC job, start to finish. They are very active with the local Chamber of Commerce, and do anything that enables them to get involved in the community. 100% recommend BAC for any marketing needs!

    Chuck Green & LWAC Staff

    Acting 3rd Party Marketing Department

    I've worked with BAC for years and I couldn't be happier with the results that I have received. They came into our business and took time to understand our needs. They then made suggestions with data and analytics to back it up.

    Rocky Gray

    E-Commerce Website Design

    They built an awesome site that helped us conduct our fundraising online! They are very responsive and down to earth people!

    Franchise Website Design & Social Strategy

    Our corporate franchise was pleased with the way they were able to match our color schemes and layouts at my Michigan City location.

    hatchet handle stuck in target

    Michael D.

    Design & Videography

    They always do an awesome job! Our video got 50K views and is still climbing!

    Jack Brown
    Owner/Founder / JVB Holdings

    Acting 3rd Party Marketing Department

    Very responsive folks that do great work. I can call them anytime to make changes to our campaigns or if I have any new ideas to bounce off of them.

    Richard W.

    Social Media Mgmt & Event Marketing

    They help us plan our events and really go the extra mile for the zoo. I'm happy to work with them on projects!

    Chef Eddie Luick
    Owner, Executive Chef / Blue Point Seafood

    Social Media & Product Pricing Strategy

    They set us up for success helping us cost our food inventory as well as put controls in place for us to maximize our revenues. We also send them specials almost everyday for social media and they rarely miss a post.

    Jeff Biesen

    SEO Ranking

    They are great with keyword research and keep my site at the top of the search results!