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We are professional web designers located only 10 minutes from New Buffalo on route 20!. We are expert Coders, Designers, & ROI Professionals!

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    We Design Websites In New Buffalo, Michigan 

    Come visit our office on route 20 located only a short drive from New Buffalo, Michigan! Our team builds custom websites for businesses that rank your company ahead of the competition. We can take on small projects or large enterprise-level development for E-Commerce.

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    Our Firm Is 100% USA Based

    We are proud to be an Indiana (Not INDIA) based design firm! Our team has over 10 years of experience designing, launching, and measuring websites and their metrics. You can meet us at our office or if you prefer a beverage, The Stray Dog!

    We Focus Our Web Designs On Winning Metrics!

    Aside from a streamlined code structure, content is the most important aspect when building a website. If you don't have content there isn't much on the page that a customer can gain from accessing you online. So what's the best way to write content? Well being organized is of the utmost importance. A good place to start would be to list all products that you offer. Next you can build out a page on your website that caters to each product. Designating a page per product can help search engines with indexing so they don’t get confused as to what you offer. After that, you can draft up a list of all locations that your business services. Location tags are important because this allows Google and other search engines to match your potential customers up with local businesses in their area.

    We are dedicated to Your online Success

    A website is not a work of art. We are data driven. This means that we build sites to rank in search engines and sell to customers. If your phone isn’t ringing then we didn’t do our job! We start by analyzing your industry. Most industries we are already familiar with. For instance, we are very familiar with the local New Buffalo dining experience and can tell you immediately what needs to be done for you to rank first. 


    We Can Help You Write Web Content That Ranks

    Our content writers are also NWI natives. Although no one knows your business like you do, our content writers can help you craft your story in the best light to communicate with new customers! We will also help you maximize your search engine power with title tags and keyword phrases. Keyword phrases are vital when indexing your page for SEO. 


    How Hard Is It To Compete Online In New Buffalo, MI?

    New Buffalo is a small tourist town famous for a vibrant nightlife, beautiful lakeshore, and dozens of high quality restaurants. The town had only 1,883 at the time of the 2010 census. Due to the tourist nature of the town, the busy season only lasts between April and through the end of October. Many residents migrate during the winter and then return for warmer months. 

    New Buffalo is just small enough to where competition is low while being busy enough in the summer to see nice revenues. Online, the web space is easy to rank and the clientele are often of a higher demographic from larger cities such as Chicago and Indy.


    Why Us? Reasons to Choose a BAC Website

    We have been slinging websites in New Buffalo, MI and Northwest Indiana Since 2010!

    Search engine optimization is an absolute must! Every website we build comes with an online market strategy to put you at the top of search rankings and ahead of your competition.  

    We believe that any firm is only as good as their team. We use 100% USA based web designers, coders, content writers, and project managers, most are even local to Northwest Indiana!

    Every project comes with a customized project management timeline so you can be sure your website is designed as quickly and efficiently as possible. 

    Our sites integrate with Quickbooks and most CRM database systems. 


    We Take Time To Understand Your Customers!

    We can guide you to properly segment them in new ways to drive more sales!

    EVERY Website Comes With

    A Unique SEO Market Strategy To Drive Sales!

    What Our Clients Are Saying...


    Janelle Elwood

    Chamber Of Commerce Headshots

    They did a FANTASTIC job, start to finish. They are very active with the local Chamber of Commerce, and do anything that enables them to get involved in the community. 100% recommend BAC for any marketing needs!

    Chuck Green & LWAC Staff

    Acting 3rd Party Marketing Department

    I've worked with BAC for years and I couldn't be happier with the results that I have received. They came into our business and took time to understand our needs. They then made suggestions with data and analytics to back it up.

    Rocky Gray

    E-Commerce Website Design

    They built an awesome site that helped us conduct our fundraising online! They are very responsive and down to earth people!

    Franchise Website Design & Social Strategy

    Our corporate franchise was pleased with the way they were able to match our color schemes and layouts at my Michigan City location.

    hatchet handle stuck in target

    Michael D.

    Design & Videography

    They always do an awesome job! Our video got 50K views and is still climbing!

    Jack Brown
    Owner/Founder / JVB Holdings

    Acting 3rd Party Marketing Department

    Very responsive folks that do great work. I can call them anytime to make changes to our campaigns or if I have any new ideas to bounce off of them.

    Richard W.

    Social Media Mgmt & Event Marketing

    They help us plan our events and really go the extra mile for the zoo. I'm happy to work with them on projects!

    Chef Eddie Luick
    Owner, Executive Chef / Blue Point Seafood

    Social Media & Product Pricing Strategy

    They set us up for success helping us cost our food inventory as well as put controls in place for us to maximize our revenues. We also send them specials almost everyday for social media and they rarely miss a post.

    Jeff Biesen

    SEO Ranking

    They are great with keyword research and keep my site at the top of the search results!