Advertising Shouldn’t Be An Expense. Make It An Investment!

Our marketing audit can be as brief as a quick meeting and some basic data mining to a full detailed report for senior staff. One thing remains constant, we are ROI based.

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Our Approach

1. We Identify Your Business Goals and Objectives

You want to increase business? That’s great! But getting down to what aspect of the business you want to improve upon and how to track that objective is the most important step. Do you want more people to purchase in-store for a particular product between 12:00 noon and 5:00 pm? Once we can set clear cut goals, it becomes easier to understand what needs to be measured.

2. We Conduct An Internal Marketing Audit

It’s hard for us to know where to go unless we know where you’ve been! This step enables us to understand your business ins and outs as well as what advertising (if any) you have been doing up until this point. The audit is comprised of a brief interview to gather general business info, a quick market analysis of your products, services, and area competition.

We use Google proprietary tools such as Keyword and Display planner to get a feel for your internet market competition.

3. We Set And Implement A Clear Strategy To Accomplish Your Objectives

Not all of our clients are using the same marketing channels because one channel could be lucrative for one particular client and a money waster for another. Strategy encompasses what channel (such as youtube or facebook), creative message, what demographic/ geographic area, as well as what cost structure when buying ad space (pay per click, pay per acquisition, CPM etc.)  

4. We Track Your Results For A Positive ROI

Advertising is deciding what creative to display to a market channel, but consistent marketing practices are what drives ROI. We have several methods to be sure your creative is delivering quantifiable results. We offer call tracking and recording, online website click tracking, and other benchmarks.

Our Creative Services

We have an amazing team that lives for creative content creation! Our team isn't concerned with just "how breathtaking the video looks" but more-so with the functionality aspect and how that will accomplish your business goals and reach your correct customer base!

The Tools In Our Content Arsenal:

Web Page Design

Professional Illustration

Graphic Design

Editorial Content

Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Optimization

Social Media Management

Printed Media and Signage

Video Content Creation


Direct Mail Campaigns

Logo Design and Branding

Magazine Advertising Space

TV Advertising Spots

Radio Advertising Spots

Affiliate Marketing