Social Media Is The Most Influential Marketing Channel To Date!

If your business is not capitalizing on social media then you are missing out on lost profit and market share. We have plans that work for ANY business!


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The Competitive Advantage of Social Media as a Marketing Channel vs Traditional Advertising

The biggest advantage: Changes can be made immediately to any ad copy or promotions because of the fluid, immediate nature of social media. Most billboards can only be changed a few times per year, magazines, every month or so. Social media keeps your communication channel open with your audience 24/7. It is also a great forum to intercept complaints and general issues regarding customer service.


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What forms of media prove most effective when utilizing social media?

Pictures are always a strong medium because anything visual resonates with most individuals. So pictures of food, artwork, flowers, or other visual products tend to do better on social media than service based businesses such as finance companies (or even marketing companies cough cough.)

Video: In recent years, video has become increasingly important. Youtube is a big player that everyone no doubt knows about but platforms such as facebook are now initializing automatic video plays in the scroll feed. Video is also a great SEO tool. If you don’t have a youtube channel you should at least consider it to help boost your SEO.

Content: The biggest factor that drives the social media revolution is content. Content driven advertising is somewhat new but it is a win win for the advertiser and the consumer alike. The premise is, if you give your audience some useful information or entertainment, they are more likely to listen to your message.

Influencer Marketing: Influencers have proved to net HUGE returns for social media campaigns. Influencers post content to their own marketing channel when working with a business. This allows maximum exposure because the influencer ad comes across as genuine. Influencer ads can get so tricky that facebook has now required them to post an "influencer ad" next to sponsored content to alert individuals what is an ad and what is unique content.


Important Social Media Channels:

79% Internet Users use Facebook- This is hands down the largest platform in operation (at least at the time this article was written). Facebook makes it easy to boost posts among other tools to make sure your message is heard by your audience. Virtually all businesses (no pun intended) should at least have a facebook account which is just as important as having a website.

32% Of Internet Users Use Instagram- After getting bought out by facebook, instagram has shown tremendous growth. Instagram is very popular with the younger generation aged 16 to 26 and in just a few years, could become a force to be reckoned with as the audience becomes a primary buying power.

31% Of Internet users use Pinterest- Pinterest is a very useful tool for your business, especially if you are marketing product or services to women. This includes home decor, makeup, recipes, family and lifestyle, and others. Almost half of all women who use the internet take advantage of this channel.

29% Internet Users use Linkedin- The undisputed professional social network. Service based businesses get their time to shine. Keeping your profile updated gives your network a chance to endorse your services as well as make new networking connections. With linkedIn, your resume is more important than your selfie.

24% Internet users Use Twitter- Twitter was steadily trending as a social media channel but has fallen behind lately as instagram usage has increased. Every business should at least have a twitter account but using facebook as an active channel is usually a better idea. If you are selling a product to millenials such as coffee, makeup, or sportswear, twitter is still considered a great channel.