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Video Production 

Our Video Production plans are tailored to drive results for your business!

We can help you determine if you need a one camera set up or a full creative team of professionals to film your project. We lead a dedicated team of videographers and cinematographers located in Valparaiso, Michigan City, Chesterton, Dyer, Hammond and throughout NWI. Our team has the gear to get things done! We Shoot in 4K and Cinema formats so you can be sure to get the very best quality in each of your shots.

We have certified FAA approved aerial imaging experts with 15+ years of flight experience.

We have an eye for detail when it comes to all aspects of lighting, framing, composition, subject placement, film mechanics, and storytelling. But most importantly, we understand that your video needs to drive sales for your business, venue, or corporate endeavor. Along with our in-house team, we have a network of 3rd party contractors as well as stock video footage available to us via creative collectives which insures you get the perfect shot that represents your business and tells your story, the way it’s meant to be told.

Budgeting Your Video Project


Pricing your video work can be difficult to know your exact ROI. There are multiple ways to gauge the actual value of your video project in real monetary value to your company. Take a look at our case study. Here we have an employee training video and the key driver happens to be labor cost saved from the production of the video.


If we find that a training video saves 1 hour per new employee per year through various data mining methods and plant interviews, then we can apply the following data...

Company Department Turnover: 50 employees per year

Manager Rate Per Hour: $40

Employee Rate Per Hour: $25

Total Labor Cost Per Hour: $65

Total Yearly Savings In Labor Cost: $3250

3-Year Labor Savings: $9,750

With this figure, spending $9750 on a single location/department training video would essentially yield a break-even or better result from the training video in value to the business. What is important to remember here is that for every minute of time the employee uses in training, there is also the plant manager's time that is wasted as well.

If there are multiple locations we can reuse footage and apply the same calculation to get a better return on your video budget. Each factory or department is different so there are always different key drivers that establish what your break-even would be. In most cases, employee as well as manager time is a large cost driver that a well executed video can help remedy.


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