Refresh Facility Services / Convenience Services Group

Refresh Facility Services is one of the region's largest Janitorial and convenience food service companies. Jack, the company's CEO contact us to help guide them through a rebranding. The flagship brand would be accompanied by distinct sub-brands that would allow Refresh to stand apart from competition and elevate the company into a new era of quality and brand recognition.


Convenience Services Group logo

Capstone Coffee

Office coffee is one of the highest grossing products in the world. CSG wanted to leverage a new brand to emphasize quality and superior supply-chain service and distribution all while bringing their customers a cafe-house experience. Our team decided on a bold color scheme to ensure the boxes would be seen and recognizable. The final design blends curvy vectors with bold typeface.


capstone coffee brand cup with branded bag sitting on table

Cerulean Water

Water was the next obstacle to tackle in CSG's branding endeavor. The water was a natural spring water selling on the higher-end of the marketplace boasting a pure taste with a clean finish. We knew that the brand had to reflect that. We chose a double transparent label with blue hues and a vertical typeface.


cerulean water brand advertisement label reads "It's how you say, water"

Bistro Brillante Branding & Merchandising

CSG had innovative new products but realized it was showing them in the traditional "boring way" that everyone else was. We decided to give their micro markets a facelift with an Italian Bistro feel.


mock up design of a vending market bistro